March 21

Building a Backyard Fireplace – DIY Guide


You may already have heard about fire circle pits and how they’re an all-around favorite as a decorative backyard addition. It seems that an outdoor fireplace may be one of the lesser-known add-on items you might consider, but have you taken the time to see why these monuments to outdoor enjoyment are highly underrated. Here are a few things you haven’t considered about backyard fireplaces.

Backyard fireplaces create a central focus

Beautiful backyard living room

With a fire circle, you have a rounded enclosure that seats guests that are enclosing everyone within a central point. There’s not much else to look at aside from those sitting across from each other. While it’s a great idea to have a campfire feel, there is something so intimate and relaxing about a decorative fireplace. Here are some of the simplified reasons why.

A backyard living room

Just like you might expect with an indoor fireplace, this outdoor version is set against a larger limitless space. There are no walls to constrict the element of a roaring fire within a mantle, seemingly with no borders that create a room-like feel whatsoever. Set against a night sky, a backyard fireplace gives you a front-row seat to the entire universe with added comfort and warmth.

A decorative monument

Unlike indoor fireplaces, these grand designs aren’t limited to your imagination for size and shape. The sheer beauty is built up to become a perpetual monument that features simple aesthetics which appeal to everyone who sits near your fireplace. So many decorative styles that can give you backyard fireplace ideas are mainly the ornate stonework that’s part of its design.

Easy to build

Simple building materials are used to make a decorative fireplace in your backyard. But you do need to include fire brick that will insulate the inside to protect the outer bricks, stones, or tiles that line the outer fireplace walls. Most of these materials you can buy from the hardware store and home improvement centers. If you use rocks and mixed materials, these can be found in nature if you decide to collect these materials by hand.

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Making your fireplace a reality

Under construction fireplace for backyard

Starting with a simple sketch will give you a good starting point if you like making simple doodles. The overall structure does need to have a chimney which often gives your finished fireplace an Aztec temple-like appearance. Every design is different, so the overall shape is open to your interpretation of what an outdoor fireplace should be. Obviously, it should be built to last in the tradition of stonemasons who like their work to last centuries.

You do need to have the right tools for this kind of work, but nothing out of the ordinary. If you have experience working with brick and mortar this is a big plus, but for first-timers, it’s not hard to figure out. The only thing that you do need to pay attention to is keeping your bricks level as mortar is added. This is why a decent construction level is essential for this kind of fireplace.


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