February 20

Backyard Remodeling Ideas


Adding more value to your home extends past the interior and onto your front yard and backyard. Since many homeowners prefer to decorate their backyard, here are some popular suggestions that are creative and stylish. While most of these projects can be built without the need for a contractor, basic construction skills are required. Here are some great ideas to pimp your backyard yourself by adding a few upgrades an additions. This will transform your backyard from an ordinary space to an oasis for entertaining.

Add a Pergola

A pergola is not the average patio overhang and is certainly not a roof. What makes a pergola more elegant is the decorative overhead framework. The open framework is suitable for hanging ivy and other plant varieties, but can also include mesh and fabric. This allows for more shade comfort on hot days. A pergola is supported by four or more vertical frame posts that can be attached to prebuilt cement anchor bases.

The lattice-like roof can be flat, but not limited to arched and stacked roofs that resemble a Japanese tea-house. There are pre-made kits that can be purchased from home improvement centers such as Home Depot and garden supply centers. There is no shortage of online companies that specialize in pergola projects and also offer prebuilt kits. This is an excellent addition that is unique and beautifies your backyard, adding immediate value likewise.

Outdoor backyard kitchen or bar

Having a backyard kitchen or bar is a big step in terms of upkeep, but not impossible if your design is designed to be outside. It all comes down to keeping the elements from destroying what’s been built. Materials that are meant to be waterproof will depend on the weather you experience in your region. The importance of a good overhang will keep moisture and water off your kitchen area.

Much as anything else, a bar or kitchen area needs to have materials that won’t rust easily. These areas should include plenty of stainless steel and plenty of layered stonework with mortar. Of course, it’s stylish enough to include slabs of granite and polished stone for countertops. Any kind of electrical appliances such as ovens, microwaves, and blenders need to have covered enclaves to protect them.

Any outdoor design that can be cleaned easily but intended for outdoor usage does require some attention to detail. This is also a design that will require planning beforehand, so the help of a contractor would be advised. This is mostly for safety reasons and drafting-up a reliable blueprint for the construction itself. The result is an immediate comfort for your backyard cooking and entertainment.

Fire circle pit or fireplace

There will be nights when you might want to settle down outside and relax with friends and family. This is more traditional to gather around a comfy fire pit or next to a rustic outdoor fireplace. It’s impressive to have an open fire pit that makes going outside to get warm more inviting. The first thing is to determine if you’ll be using a gas-fed fire or a real wood-burning pit.

When it comes to a fireplace, you should always make a great presentation. Start with a decorative mantle from durable building materials. Stones and decorative bricks make the best long-lasting materials to use. These designs are easy to build with minimal effort if you take a look at DIY fireplace designs. You do need to be careful if you are using gas, so the need for a gas oven expert is recommended.

Open fire pits and fireplace relaxation areas can be semi-round or encircled. Depending on your design, the element of safety is always important. Raised bricks or a retaining wall around any fire pit is advised. You may also want to incorporate an outdoor fireplace into a custom cooking area or pizza oven. More or less, don’t forget that comfortable lawn chairs in this relaxing area make chilly nights feel even better.

The more practical you make a fire pit is up to your imagination and the amount of room you currently have. Smaller back yards can still optimize limited space with clever design tricks and scaled-down designs. The first task is to collect ideas from pictures from the internet and see how these best match your backyard. Usually, the best ideas are a combination of what you want to achieve with comfort Vs function.


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