March 21

Building a Backyard Kitchen


An important addition to your backyard for the convenience of cooking or barbecuing is certainly adding a backyard kitchen. But where do you start with the design and construction if you’ve never taken on a task like this? Here are some great inspirational steps that will put you in the right direction to get cooking outdoors even sooner – on a budget.

The advantage of cooking outside

Unlike camping, you’re restricted to the inconvenience of a grill and perhaps some nosey bears or raccoons. In your own backyard, you can realize the benefits of backyard kitchen cooking with just the right amount of planning, design, and construction. But before you start you’ll want to grab a paper and pen so you can start writing down your initial ideas. This will help shape your kitchen into an all-in-one solution whenever you make any meal.

The best part of cooking outside is the fresh air and ample space that transforms ordinary cooking experiences into an open-air art form. This is especially exciting for those who come over for a party or BBQ event. Depending on the style of cooking you enjoy the most, here are some of the most important points that you need to cover when making a backyard kitchen. Also, consider just adding a firepit if you’re just looking for a place to gather every once and a while with some friends.

Form over function

Your backyard isn’t exactly going to have any kind of protective covering unless you’ve already installed some kind of pergola or structure with a roof. You want to protect your kitchen from elements such as rain and the sun. You also want to have this coverage to shelter your guests if there is a serving counter or eating area. You might want to check another article here that covers pergolas to see how this idea blends so well together.

What kind of cooking do you do?

Do you like to grill or cook on a stovetop? It’s not always easy to make BBQ inside your house unless you have some serious ventilation. Cooking outdoors is no different so you want to ensure that your BBQ grill does have ventilation which carries smoke away if you’re cooking up a storm. It’s becoming increasingly popular to add a Hibachi grill which allows you to cook several items at once.

Unlike typical gas grills, a hibachi grill is also pleasingly exciting and fun to watch as you prepare meals in front of your friends and family. These grill units are also electrical and are temperature controlled so you don’t overcook or burn anything by accident.

Get inspired to design

What does your ideal outdoor kitchen look like in your mind and where does everything go? It’s not a tricky question since you want to design your setup to reflect how you’ll be cooking. In this case, everything must have a reason where it’s placed so you don’t have to reach very far for utensils, pots and pans, and ingredients. Studying some completed backyard kitchens can give you plenty of ideas about how yours can look.

After this, you can start to make sketches and note to specify where all of your essential appliances will go. You’ll also need to determine where storage spaces like cabinets and shelves will go so you can stock your outdoor kitchen as needed. Electrical appliances like a grilling station, stovetop, sink with running water, and a fridge will all need adequate room. Try to keep your measurements as exact to see how much space these items will occupy.

Before you start construction

Create a budget of what you’ll spend and work on what the total costs are estimated to become. This includes building the inner support frames that support countertops, sinks, grill appliances, and anything else built into your cooking area. If you need help, you can search for professionals who work in carpentry or locals who do this for a living. If you do this yourself, you might consider collaborating with anyone who is experienced with this type of work.

Try to stick to your total budget and always look for flash sales and special deals. This can be a bonus for you that keeps your budget from going overboard. Anything leftover can be used for adding special last-minute splurges. The better prepared you are with your ideal design, the easier it will be to build. Knowing where everything needs to go and what raw building materials you’ll need to start laying the initial framework is always the most important step.

For more inspiration on pimping your backyard, see this article.


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