February 5

Upgrading Your Home with LED Lighting


As the trend of costs beginning to soar once again, many residential homes are switching over to practical energy-saving options. More and more, the trend of discovering DIY LED lighting is showing us that style and design isn’t compromised. In fact, the reduction of LED lighting is one trending craze that makes total sense. Monthly costs on electricity can be reduced considerably and the decorative aspects of LED lighting are likewise catching-on.

All around your home

From the kitchen to the living room, LED lighting is one home improvement that helps you to see easier. The advantage of LED lighting is all in the quality of Kelvin temperature, CRI, and lighting uniformity. Replacing light fixtures and lamps is a lot easier than you think. But for some screw-in light bulb lamps and dimmer controls, you’ll also need to upgrade these as well.

The reason is that older fixtures and dimmer controls were designed to dim incandescent light bulbs. LED lights operate from a direct current that needs to be constant. When a dimmer steps-down voltage with incandescent lamps, the light is dimmed. For LED light bulbs, the light will flicker or turn-off completely. For this reason, you need to replace certain standing lamps or dimmer switches that are LED dimming friendly.

Recessed lighting

One type of lighting that is making a strong comeback in 2021 is recessed light pots. A big reason that recessed lighting faded away in the late 1970s due to overheating lights. The recessed cans weren’t well-insulated and had very poor ventilation. Many times the recessed light pots were not IC rated for insulation and proper cooling. The improvements from LED fixtures and cooling ability make using LED lights a perfect substitute.

Even if your home has very shallow ceiling space, the latest downlights clip-into limited ceiling gaps. Wiring is connected by running the electrical cables between each downlight hole that’s drilled. These recessed lights are excellent for illuminating wall art, creating ambient room light, and can also be dimmable. The addition of remote controls using smart home and smartphone apps allow you to control these lights hands-free.

Accent lighting

One of the more exciting effects that can be created is wall lighting lit from above or below. These LED fixtures are strip lighting that is laid out along a floor. As the light travels along the edge of a wall, an entire wall becomes a light source. The wall textures that can be illuminated also appear impressive and give your home a unique and artsy look. Another great lighting effect is adding DIY strip lighting along with wall moldings.

LED strips can also change color by using a controller or a remote smartphone app. This can add just the right touches for seasonal lighting or for family celebrations. Another advantage of the newest types of accent lighting is being able to control the color temperature. This is a button that you set to change the light fixture Kelvins to warmer or whiter light selections.

Bookcase and shelf lighting

Shelves and bookcases are the perfect areas to upgrade with LED lighting. Now it’s possible to add strip lighting in areas that don’t normally allow lighting at all. Connections are made simple with solderless connector clips. So each shelf can have strip lights as you like. Since these lights can also color change and are 100% dimmable, you create the mood you want. This lighting isn’t limited to bookcases or cramped areas either, so possibilities are endless.

Decorative LED lights


The newest generation of LED chandeliers is exciting and elegant to have in your home. The combination of LED light mixed with crystal and metal formations is both futuristic and smart. Yet some of the better designs also incorporate hidden Blue Tooth speakers. The light can be controlled with color-changing LEDs, and music can be played directly through the chandelier. This allows your living room to combine great features and elegant looks.

The decorative value of having a LED chandelier gives any room suitable mood lighting. All of which can be controlled through a smartphone app to find the right color in seconds. Many of these LED chandeliers can be installed with no experience needed. As far as a DIY afternoon project, a chandelier fixture can be hung in less than two to three hours.


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