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Creating Your Own Wet Bar: DIY Transformation Ideas


Are we really getting to an era where there’s no need to have a wet bar at home anymore? Of course not, and for those who like built-in design, a wet bar is just as elegant and trendy as it was back in the old days. But let’s face it, the design of a wet bar needs to be just as discrete as you can imagine, so this brief DIY Idea Guide will give you plenty of food for thought on how to transform everyday furniture into a wet bar your guests will love. Even creating your own wet bar from the ground floor up isn’t all that hard, but why not take something you may already have laying around the house and transform it?

Bookcase wine cellar to a Wet Bar

Bookcase wine cellar Ideas

Not every bookcase is going to be suitable for turning into a wet bar unless you have a knack for using some DIY tips that will help transform an old bookcase into the ideal wet bar space. Obviously, the shelves are going to be perfect for storing cups and decorations and will be ideal locations for attaching wine glass hooks underneath each shelf. If there are sliding drawers included, these will make great resting spots for wine, liquor, and storage supplies.

Bookcases are ideal since these can easily be transformed into a wet bar using very little effort. They are also perfect to act as the backdrop for decorative tables or bar top serving areas in front of the case itself. Using track lighting or LED light strips, the edges of a bookcase can be highlighted or have spotlights on particular items you want to showcase. Have lights that can be set on a dimmer or adjust to colors for even more visual appeal.

Aquarium-themed wet bar

Aquarium-themed wet bar Ideas

Back in the old days when aquarium bars were a big hit, the entire backdrop of a wet bar would feature an underwater theme. Some bars actually wet to great lengths to add a mermaid using the old Peppers Ghost trick with a live model dressed in a mermaid tail. These days are more sophisticated and will be better off using technology rather than thousands of gallons of water and exotic fish.

Flat-screen TVs have a great advantage since the images and resolution are so convincing with their 4K resolution, it only makes sense that your ideal aquarium can be created from using one of these flat screens as an artificial aquarium backdrop. All that’s needed is high-quality footage of a real aquarium that can be played on a loop, and stored on a hidden pen drive. You can also change up your theme for anything under the sea if you like.

Vanity cabinet wet bar

Vanity cabinet wet bar ideas

Vanity cabinets and vanity dresser closets are excellent choices for repurposing into a wet bar at home since they have ample space for storing and setting up a wet bar area. Even a wardrobe closet is another choice that gives closing doors to your own private wet bar ready to open whenever you like. The older the cabinet happens to be, the better for making a classic appearance that gives a lot of class and nostalgia.

Adding a few inspired items inside will allow enough room for larger items such as a mini-fridge, wine chiller, and other handy wet bar additions. You can convert shelving into storage areas for all your favorite drinks and glasses.

Lounge-style wet bar

Lounge-style wet bar ideas

The area around your wet bar will become more intimate by rearranging furniture into a lounge-like setting. Recliners and comfy chairs should be seated around and near your wet bar to create a nightclub-like atmosphere. You can also use decorative dividers and drapes to separate areas of your lounge to give the illusion of VIP areas too. If you like, it wouldn’t hurt to install velvet ropes at the entrance to give more of an exclusive feeling.

Adding fancy art on the walls and plenty of mirrors will help any small room appear larger, but the real trick is to add careful lighting. As any private lounge will appear, the more creative the lighting is, the better it sells as a fancy experience.

Repurposed storage closet wet bar

Repurposed storage closet wet bar ideas

Some rooms may have wall closets that aren’t considered a walk-in style. These closets provide more than enough space to convert them into a swanky wet bar set up that has closing doors. Placing decorative dressers inside a closet may sound strange but it allows you to store all of your wet bar items inside them. The tops of these dressers provide the perfect tabletop for preparing drinks or cocktails.

It’s also pretty easy to install lighting inside a closet to give enough light to complete the illusion. When you’re done for the evening, simply close the closet doors and your room appears as it did before without seeing what’s inside the closet. The best closets are ones that feature opening swing doors but sliding track doors are also a good idea if you have limited space at home.


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