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Things that Make a Home Feel Like Home


We often feel that we know what makes a home look more home-like without knowing the reasons why. Home décor has a specific look that helps create ambiance and makes us feel secure and comfortable. Adding these decorative touches should be built-in by learning how your parents liked to decorate, but that isn’t always the case. There is a psychology behind home décor and interior design that includes the interpretation of comfort and style.

Tidy up cluttered rooms

girl cleaning room

When your parents told you to clean up your room, they weren’t trying to be mean, they wanted you to learn the value of a tidy room. When your room isn’t tidy, you also can’t find things that you need when you want them. It also makes a room literally become a hazard to navigate through. When your room or bedroom is organized, this makes it easier to add decorative elements that help transform these rooms.

Keeping your room continually clean will be an ongoing task, but that’s all part of ensuring you lay down the first step of keeping organized.

Choose your room colors well

girl deciding colors for room

The first thing that you’ll find with a room that feels more like home are colors that help enhance that feeling. Try to avoid loud and overly bright colors that can be too excitable and annoying. Rooms that are painted with calm and soothing colors will be more comfortable in the long run, especially if you spend more time in these rooms. The best colors to paint will include creamy colors that appeal to your relaxed mood.

Try and stick to neutral colors that will not excite your senses, since your room should leave you feeling warm and cozy. Neon colors and dark and bold shaded colors will produce the opposite effect and make rooms feel aggressive and hostile.

Adding some cozy props

sofa with pillows and blankets

Throw pillows and blankets make great additions to any sofa or bed. But did you know that including at least three different sizes of pillows will give your home a comfier appearance? The reason has to do with visually seeing multiple choices that are offered. It helps others know there is always plenty of choices included to get comfortable using throw pillows. Especially, when it comes to big couches where you gather to watch your favorite movies.

This also extends to adding blankets that are draped over chairs and couches. Blankets not only add a decorative element but symbolically they show there is always added warmth when you need more comfort. The same concept works when you add section rugs that give more padding and soft surfaces for your feet.

Lights and music set the mood

chandelier hanging in room

It sounds like a scene from some romantic movie where every popular 90s song is playing in the background. But it’s absolutely true that proper lighting and music that fills the room at a moderate level actually works! You’ll need lighting that works on a dimmer, but studies have shown that smaller lamps placed throughout your room visually add appeal. Any harsh and overly bright room light is fine if that’s for working within.

When you adjust the light to give just enough to see everything inside the room, this has an immediate effect. The best ambient light should be the amount that you get when dusk is about to begin. When it comes to music, the best way to present music is by using hidden Bluetooth speakers all over the room. This way, the music fills the air no matter what part of the room you’re in.

If you want to make a room more home-like, candles are definitely an added mood enhancer. Just seeing a decorative candle votive is enough to let everyone know how comforting the image of a candle can be. It also adds pleasant lighting that gives an old-fashioned touch to any living room or bedroom. If you have more than one candle around the room it adds instant comfort and increases your personal style.

In our conclusion

After reading about some of the home decoration tips, you can begin to see the essentials of making your home more home-like. If you want to get more ideas, you can check the internet and look at idea sites including Pinterest and WikiDIY tutorials. But how you decorate your home will all depend on your color style and interests too. We hope this short article has given you some good ideas about where you can start.


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