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What Makes Up Bohemian Décor Style


Let’s explore another fascinating look at the creative design. Some styles are up for question but others can be mere options. The lifestyles we live with today often reflect our quest for having harmony and comfort. This also goes without a doubt that we like to feel free to have certain rooms themed appropriately. In this article, we’ll talk about the relaxing quality of Bohemian style designs.

Variants of Bohemian style

We’ve often heard that avant-garde design includes this free-loving and easy-going room design. But laying the ground rules for Bohemian style rooms doesn’t have to look like a scene from a 1960s hippy movie. The elements that stem from this come from Boho chic is originally based on French culture after the French Revolution. It began as a counter-culture lifestyle that was borrowed from the Balkan gypsy culture.

While much of the design inspiration was direct from Arabic and India-based décor, rooms that are decorated like this are unmistakable. This mixture is old culture mixed with new and the elements for variant are wide open. The whole idea of Boho-chic is laid-back for maximum relaxation.

Southwestern Moroccan/Tribal decoration

It won’t be too uncommon that Moroccan and tribal themed elements should be part of this style but not exclusively. This is one of the few styles that allow contrasting patterns that occupy the same space. You can mix and match colors so there is fluidity here from an eye-pleasing point of view. What will also be allowed are the various cultural designs that come from India and Arabic influence.

From one perspective, the overall furniture and décor are supposed to look well-traveled. As if you’ve spent years, all over the world collecting items that represent different cultures. While the colors will be lively, your preference to select a color is how you can manage the design flow.

Varieties of colors

Bohemian colors are vibrant pops of red and gold but not limited to royal blue and white. The color should be constant and lively with intricate patterns and shapes throughout. This is especially unmistakable when rugs, throw blankets, pillows, and drapes all feature these designs. Needless to say that color plays an important role in your bohemian style. This also extends into the type of furniture that goes in your room.

Low-level couches and beds are excellent for this mix-up of old and new. This makes repurposing furniture you have already economical. Adding vintage items mixed with new furniture helps create a contrast of warmth and coziness. Adding lots of throw pillows and knitted quilt blankets that help create a carefree mood.

Bold and impressive patterns

Some purists believe that the paisley designs made famous in the 1960s and 70s are a stable of Bohemian. The truth is further than you might want to think since this was fueled by the Hippy movement in fashion. Patchwork patterns with ornate Arabic designs are more suitable but an ornate oriental rug won’t ruin this illusion either. As long as you use these items to create layer after layer of texture, bohemian style is easy to create.

Among these patterns, plants also play a big role in creating a contrast of shapes that add to your existing décor. These aren’t limited to pictures, decorations, vases, and floral wallpaper that breaks-up colors that are dominant within your room. What might appear as cluttered to some is more or less organized texture. The more there is, the more intricate your room becomes.

Relaxing lamp lights

Light is essential to bohemian design since it covers many types of light. Lamps with Moroccan patterns cast shadows from their metal shade. Yet you can also have very effective lighting from string lights that are scattered all around. This helps create a soft and relaxing mood. Natural sunlight is fine if you want to keep a room from looking too closed-in. But for the most part, should be centered on being as comfortable as possible.

Any light that you use is all part of your imagination, so to create just the right mood, be sure to have a light dimmer for more intimate evenings. One great aspect is to add color-changing LEDs that can be controlled at the touch of a button. This way you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood any way you like.


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