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Here at Nathan Egan we are dedicated to interior design of the everyday home. Since 2006 we’ve specialized in developing various blogs across the web that focus on topics such as kitchen design, trending décor styles and DIY projects that can be completed on a budget to makeover your home’s design style. Our experience has come from learning from lead interior designers across the web over the years. Our design foundation comes from our tight knit group of construction remodelers from Phoenix, Arizona comprised of Jeremy Peach, a custom iron tradesman, Ryan Lamar, a lead contractor responsible for developing some of the most trendiest properties in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona and Nate Egan, a home remodeler.

Our combined experience has taught us that everyday homeowners looking to keep their properties appose to buying a new home can handle or at least manage even the most complex home remodels to transform their current homes into their dream home. This site is dedicated to the craftmanship of the DIY man or woman.

For any questions, or if you’d like to see tutorial on your next remodeling project, email us.

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