Our homes shouldn't be a stranger to interior design in all of its imaginative and stylish incarnations. We often take these design ideas outdoors to further beautify our yards. Here at NathanEgan.com, we continue that spirit of mixing creative designs with style and trends that bring-out the interior decorator inside you. You'll also learn a great deal of info about creative design that mixes traditional interior design tips.


These days, everyone is starting to learn about DIY projects that are artistic and economical. Many of these projects are meant to improve your home, while others are best meant to maximize the space you have. Whether you have advanced or beginner skills, you can learn more about DIY projects of all kinds in this section. Some ideas involve woodworking skills, while others are very simple tasks.

Following in the footsteps of creative design styles, this DIY section will give you further info on how to develop and create specific design elements. Any of these ideas can help transform any room in your home from the steps and tips we offer.

March 21, 2022

Building a Pergola

Design Style

Unique design styles that transform rooms all throughout your home are featured in this section. You'll learn how interior design terms combined with helpful tips and tricks can allow you to redesign any room. We've kept up with the latest design trends and ideas to help make recommendations that lend to these styles. If you feel it's time to refresh specific rooms in your home, this is a great section to follow.

We'll guide you through the process of what creates the look and feel of these exciting design trends. You'll also get a sense of the colors, shapes, lines, and rules that are all part of interior design concepts.

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Outdoor Design

More often than not, we are starting to spend more time making the outside of our homes look appealing. We'll provide plenty of ideas that make your front or back yard more attractive and useful. Many of these ideas are centered in the backyard to help inspire relaxing and innovative areas of seclusion. Not only do these ideas have simple beauty and style, but the concept of function is also further explained.

We'll also include many ideal architectural project ideas for the front yard to make landscaping even more attractive. Seasonal decorations that help highlight your home will also be another excellent tip and trick for the holidays. Learn what kinds of decorations are best for your home in this section.

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Building a Pergola